The Vault Total Conditioning

We are a community and a movement,
for people wanting more than just fitness.
We want it all - Health, Strength and Total Well-being in the body and mind.
It is a continuous state of mind and effort to strive towards a better self.

Founder and Head Trainer


Founder and Head Trainer

Trish and Frankie (Founders/Co-owners and Head trainers) are both seasoned coaches and motivators with unparalleled experience in leading thousands of people through EXTREME body transformations.


In the new era of functional fitness. Frankie and Trish both competed professionally within Muay Thai boxing, Bodybuilding and Endurance sports before gaining international recognition for pushing the limits within their own sessions - widely acknowledged as the most physically demanding and intense training environments. They have cut no corners to where they are and take pride on their path to helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

With nicknames like "Frank the Tank" and "Captain Cadden" their sessions are something quite special and need to be endured to be believed.




All Group Sessions Hold Strong To Our Concept & Style Of Training Along With The Space Itself

Every level of fitness is catered for at The Vault, from total beginners to elite athletes. We all work as one!

Vinyasa yoga offers an alternative way to exercise whilst stretching out weary limbs. During this 60 minute session, you move fluidly from pose to pose with the breath.  The benefits of Vinyasa yoga include increased flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development.


Our Facility is split into 3 areas;

The Cell, The Safe and The Training Ground, each with a specific purpose and function.


Our Mission is simply…To be ELITE in what we offer and deliver.


Our designated Bodybuilding/Strength & Toning area fully equipped with top quality lifting equipment and machinery. This is where our Elite team of Personal Trainers will put their squad through their paces towards exciting and fully monitored transformations. This area also houses our nutritional consultation and body analysis room so we can continuously screen results. 


The only area where it is entirely safe and fully acceptable to take a seat and chill out.

Refuel and recharge at our Healthy cafe while enjoying a bird's eye view over all of the action! 


“Where the MAGIC happens” (literally). From HIIT and Endurance to Functional, Full body toning sessions, “The Training Ground” is the Heartbeat of The Vault!